Assistant Teachers
Keiko Armstrong is from Osaka, Japan. She has lived on Maui since 1991, and was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga in December 2001. Since that time, she has studied with both Nancy Gilgoff and Casie. Keiko gained her certification in California at the Mount Madonna Center in 2005 and now teaches private lessons, in addition to assisting at the House of Yoga and Zen. It is Keiko‘s dream is to help bring Ashtanga to Japan. She assisted Nancy in Tokyo in 2005 and, in 2006, on Okinawa. And in 2007, she taught her first solo workshop in Japan.

When she isn't teaching she can usually be found with her horses, because besides being a yoga teacher she also rides rodeo. She competes on a semi-professional level in steer roping and barrel riding. Casie lives and works on a real cattle ranch here on Maui.
Casie Newhouse began studying Ashtanga Yoga at the House of Yoga and Zen with Nancy Gilgoff in 1995, and has been assisting at the school for the past five years. Casie has also studied with Nicky Doane and Eddie Monestini. When Nancy is away touring, Casie takes charge of the daily classes, something she enjoys, as she likes working with students in a classroom setting and on an individual basis.